About Our Club

What do these people have in common?

  •     The founder and owner of an internationally renowned consulting company
  •     A national training manager for a large insurance company
  •     A graduate student preparing for oral examinations
  •     Director of sales, southeastern states, for a large pharmaceutical company
  •     Director of software development for an international consulting firm

These are just a few of the people who credit Davie Toastmasters with their success. In today's fast paced world, being an effective communicator is a definite advantage and can help you stand out above the crowd.

Since 1965 Davie Toastmasters has helped individuals overcome their fear of public speaking, discard verbal "crutches" (such as "um...", "ah...", and "like..."), and go on to become effective listeners and public speakers.

Join Davie Toastmasters and learn to communicate effectively today!

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Davie Toastmasters is a President's Distinguished Toastmaster Club of District 47, Toastmasters International